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Beginning in 2016, as a film and media company, under the former name Cafe-Girl Productions, Inc, a new day dawns for the small home-grown company.  Local Cafe-Girl makes good on her promise to make the world a better place, one person at a time.  In these times of tumult on every side, Cafe-Girl Thriving Artists, LLC announces its new brand, the “Thriving Artist” and with it the theme “Love Your Thrive”.  In so doing, the mission and purpose of the company is to help others seek, find, and love their thrive, through a variety of ways, specifically one on one artist soul coaching, artist thriving workshops, participation in a variety of film and media projects, and specialized featured artist events.

Why Cafe-Girl? Since my early twenties, I have always had a local cafe, a different place for different phases of my life, but the one remaining truth is the warm refuge found within in each, whether that be a time of warm self-reflection and growth, or the healing found in the faces of the friendships non-judgmental and supportive for my utmost good.  For that reason, I chose to use “Cafe-Girl” for all services offered, from coaching to filming, that the environment be one akin to the warm, supporting atmosphere full of love and mirth found in a local cafe.

With the new brand and theme, in all of the services offered, our entire focus and aim is to be a

Safe Place To Grow & Thrive As An Artist

Artist Soul Coaching

Artists of every variety are encouraged to seek Soul Coaching with Lia.  Utilizing the facets of all artistic formats, with a focus on performance, Lia will guide you through deepening your craft and understanding of your whole self.  Through this one on one artist soul coaching, participants will align with Lia as they journey into the depth of all means of artistic methods to heal old wounds, release, and fully find their thrive.

  • Free ½ hour consultation/initial session

  • $480 for eight one hour sessions a month

  • 4 months, 32 one hour sessions

*Available for in person or online sessions

Activities & Projects

  • Book study & workbook

  • Analysis of character within novel or script

  • Free drawing & journaling

  • Improv & other theatre games

  • Painting—All Kinds

  • Handwork—working with clay, playdough, etc

  • Trust exercises

  • Collage-making—for vision boards, character study, personal growth


Lia’s lesson was wonderful and very helpful. I wanted to learn how to connect more with my body while acting and she had a plan all ready to go and even gave me homework! (Which may not sound fun, but in this case it was.)  She jumped in with me and it felt more like fun than work, but I walked away feeling accomplished. 10/10 would definitely recommend. In fact, I plan on taking more someday!

—RuRu,  Direct Support Professional

When I started working with Lia, she taught me very interesting ways of acting that I didn’t know before. When we were working on my character, Barista Nate, she showed me very good tips. For example, what is Nate’s goal of the show, what is relationship to the other characters and how should he react to it? She showed me tips of how to become a better actor. I had learned a lot more from her for someone who wanted to learn for the first time

—Broc Wallis, Personal Assistant.

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