Film & Media Projects

Cafe Girl Thriving Artists, LLC produces a variety of ongoing projects, such as feature length and short films, webseries,

podcasts, blogs, & vlogs

Participants in artist soul coaching & thriving artist workshops are welcome to audition and apply for work on film and media projects so that their thrive may continue!

Films & Webseries

Film Projects: (Completed/In process)

Catatonia Of The Fairies (short, 2016), Make Me Smile (pre-production, 2022), Guilt (upcoming)

Webseries: (Completed/In process)

Fair is Foul, Foul is Fair (Modern Day Macbeth, 2017), Timekeys Fan-Fiction (2017,ongoing), Nate & Laura & How They Met (2018, ongoing), Explore With Ashley Leigh (2018, ongoing), How We Thrive (2021, ongoing), Coffee Chat & Book Review (2020, ongoing)

Cafe-Girl Thriving Artists, LLC: Youtube

Nate & Laura & How They Met: Youtube

Explore With Ashley Leigh: Youtube

TImekeys FanFiction: Youtube

The Raccy Podcast Network:


One Person Cast

RuRu & Lia Commentary (upcoming)


Journaling Through The Years (2021, ongoing)

Blog: The Thriving Artist:

Working with Café Girl Thriving Artists, LLC was a very fun and enjoyable experience. As director, Lia created a very relaxed atmosphere, but still got the job done. This being my first film experience, the set was non-judgemental and all involved were patient with my learning. We laughed, we cried, and at the end of each day, we took time to ground and center back into our bodies. I'll be eternally grateful for this experience and would encourage anyone to work with them in the future.”

Amelia Rose, Actor

“I served as the as the Director of Photography for a Doctor Who fan series called ‘Hearts-Sick’ and ‘Home-Sick’. I had fun surrounding myself with positive creativity in a difficult time on my life. The positive attitude and passion on set helped ease the tension and we had a lot of fun. I also played Rassilon, a canonical villain of the original series, for a Fourth installment called ‘Time-Sick’. I also served as DP for ‘Nate & Laura & How They Met’.

Robert ‘MO’ Hastings, DP, Timekeys

“I met Lia when we both were taking producer certification classes for RVTV. From that experience Lia has become one of my best friends and collaboration partners. I have enjoyed helping Lia with her various Cafe Girl productions. And Lia has helped me on numerous RVTV show productions of mine as crew help, as show guest and as guest sidekick. And Lia is one of my key local photography muses for studio projects of mine. Lia Dugal and Cafe Girl Thriving Artists are wonderful collaboration partners for anyone wishing to develop quality creative artistic film and television projects.”

David “Glamour Dave” Nienow

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