Thriving Artist Workshops

  • $20 per hour class for eight classes per month pay in full at $160

  • Minimum 4 to a group, 6 Maximum

  • 8 month commitment

Activities & Projects

  • Book study & workbook

  • Analysis of character within novel or script

  • Free drawing & journaling

  • Improv & other theatre games

  • Painting—All Kinds

  • Handwork—working with clay, playdough, etc

  • Trust exercises

  • Collage-making—for vision boards, character study, personal growth

  • Team Building Exercises

  • Use of I-Statements to enhance better communication skills

  • Group and Individual Check-Ins


I liked that Lia helped me come out of my shell. I have enjoyed working with her and will continue to enjoy working with her. I've become a better person because of what I learned from Lia . Thank you, Lia, for be a friend and an acting mentor to me.—Sarah Perle, Teaching Assistant

I had the pleasure of attending an acting workshop led by Lia. She was very engaging and focused on developing technique using hands-on activities. All of the students had an opportunity to focus on and develop their individual characters in a fun and playful way, which made it easier for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves while also honing their craft.—Annie Fichera, Home Educator

Thank You For Visiting! Hope To Work With You!

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