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Supporting Good Causes, from NAMI to The Trevor Project, & reflecting the themes of our projects!

“Jesus <3 Queer”

In honor of our upcoming short film, I Am Fine, which details the story of Ryan’s struggle to be true to himself, his sexuality, while breaking free from a toxic religious worldview, this design reflects the true heart of Jesus, loving us all.

Coming in a variety of t-shirt, sweatshirt, and pullover, a portion of Jesus <3 will benefit The Trevor Project!

TimeKeys Band Merch!

In our Timekeys Doctor Who fan-fic series, three of the characters are members of the band, Timekeys, and wear a tanktop similar to the one depicted.  Get your Timekeys band merch and be like Jane & Felicity!

Be Like The Doctor!

Get this cool tee-shirt with a creative depiction of our first doctor from the Timekeys Doctor Who fan-fiction series.

(Actor Nick Walker not included with purchase!)

Recovery = Sexy

Cafe-Girl Thriving Artists, LLC honors all who embark on the journey of healing and recovery, with an aid to help with the services offered.  In honor of those on the journey, we have created this design with portion of the proceeds to benefit NAMI (National Alliance On Mental Illness).  (The local chapter NAMI-SO)>

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