Love Your Thrive!
Cafe-Girl Productions, Inc mission is to prove that all are artists and can thrive.  We seek to help others find and live their thrive to the fullest of their potential! 
Cafe-Girl By-Laws

If interested in working with Cafe-Girl Productions,Inc, please understand and incorporate the following.  By reading and applying these to your life, not only will you be able to thrive, but the collective will as well.
  • Active awareness of personal health needs, such as and not limited to, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.  Know that if one area is suffering, the others will.  Be active in pursuit of stability and wholeness.
  • Forgive oneself and others when mistakes are made.  Understand none are perfect.
  • Treat others as you wish to be treated, do not be overtly or covertly malicious or manipulative.  You will be not be asked back.
  • Fully transparent and radically honest with your thoughts, desires, and intentions, following the above statement of not being malicious or manipulative.
  • Every project is important and vital to achieving artist thriving status.  Do not be self seeking, only willing to work on another's project so that yours will be made.  If this is your intention, you will not be asked back. 
West Christy
Trivia Enthusiast

“I wasn't going to eat it, I was just going to taste it.”

Lia Rose Dugal
Founder, Producer

"What You Visualize Becomes Your Reality!"
Michael Meyer
The Fool

"Life is too much fun to take seriously!"
Erin Jennifer Rose

"Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life!"

 Nate & Laura & How They Met
Watch on Youtube:

Season One & Two Available on Youtube & Facebook!

In Season One, we meet Nate Williams and Laura Shelton, two lost souls stuck in a rut, but a chance encounter on the side of the road shifts their whole reality.  With the onset of that meeting, their lives begin to shift in a way that is beyond what they could have imagined.  Along with their closest friends, they begin to realize that life is truly more than what they had already experienced and love is possible if you allow yourself to receive it.

Directed by Michael Meyer
Written by Lia Rose Dugal
Starring: Anastasia Juliet Eismann, Lia Rose Dugal,
Noah Fitterer, Nolan Kenmonth, Chance Larsen, Jonathan Oles, Lizzey Stephenson, Jesse Riker & Erin Jennifer Rose.

Trigger Warning: Nate & Laura & How They Met faces the 
reality of domestic violence and intimate partner violence.  Because of this, Nate & Laura & How They Met proudly supports: is a movement fiercely dedicated to ensuring every woman and girl has the opportunity to reach her full potential, be free from violence, and live her dreams.

In Season Two, Laura and her friends discover that love is simpler and yet  more meaningful than their struggles imagined.  Together, they help each find their true selves and embolden one another with the bravery to forge their own destiny.  This season brings new faces to the story!

Directed by Michael Meyer & West Christy
Written by Lia Rose Dugal & Erin Jennifer Rose
Starring: Anastasia Juliet Eismann, Lia Rose Dugal,
Noah Fitterer, Nolan Kenmonth, Chance Larsen, Lizzey Stephenson, Jesse Riker, Erin Jennifer Rose & Introducing Rain Haywood. 

Amazing news!
Enjoy the soundtrack from Season Two!

Purchase CD at $5 plus shipping. Proceeds from sales to be divided between Cafe-Girl, Inc, Jen Ambrose, Delphi Ravens, Chance Larsen, & Roywn Lucca. 
Features artists: Rowyn Lucca, Jen Ambrose, Delphi Ravens, & Chance Larsen


Explore With Ashley Leigh

Watch on Youtube:
All Seasons Available Now!
Crazy College Girl With Big Dreams!

Created by Asela Lee Kemper
Written by Asela Lee Kemper & Lia Rose Dugal
Directed by Michael Meyer & West Christy
Starring: Lizzey Stephenson

Explore With Ashley Leigh proudly highlights:
Campus Compact of Oregon convenes and supports the work of educational institutions individually and collectively to improve their practice around institutional equity, collaborative learning, and community engagement to respond effectively to a racially diverse and changing Oregon.
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Lauryn is no one special with nothing going for her, until a stranger in a blue box sweeps her away into a life she never imagined was possible.

The story of Hearts-Sick highlights the organization of
"To Write Love On Her Arms",
The mission of TWLOHA states: To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.

Directed by Stephanie Desiree Huebner
Written by Brittany Hreha
Starring: Nick Walker & Brittany Hreha



Jane's dreams haunt her. Jane and Justin embark on a journey to discover who she is. Could the answer be standing right in front of them?

The creators of Home-Sick proudly endorses
"BeYoutifully Designed,,
Their mission statement declares that: BeYOUtifully Designed is more than a 501 c 3 non-profit organization. We are a foundation geared towards building a sisterhood focused on inspiring and empowering young teens to build their self-confidence, enhance their self-esteem and love their self-image.

Directed by Stephanie Desiree Huebner 
& Asela Lee Kemper
Written by Lia Rose Dugal,
with story consultants, Mark A. Curci,
Q. Gabumpa, & Nick Walker 
Starring: Lia Rose Dugal,
Nick Walker, Catherine Hansen
Roy Von Rains, Jr, Russell Mitchell


The Doctor and Romana are re-united with
Lauryn and Theresa.  Although, not a joyful 
reunion as the four are forced to stop running and face the
demons of their own minds. 

Directed by
Cosmo Tigato
Written by Brittany Hreha
Starring: Nick Walker,
Lia Rose Dugal, Brittany Hreha
Q Gabumpa, & Jonathan Oles


On Gallifrey, President Romana faces the upheaval of political corruption which forces her to make a dangerous decision in order to save the Universe!  

Directed by Brittany Hreha
Written by Lia Rose Dugal & Nolan Kenmonth
Starring: Nick Walker,
Lia Rose Dugal,
Catherine Hansen, 
Q Gabumpa, Roy Von Rains, Jr,
Robert "Mo" Hastings, 
Russell Mitchell & Nolan Kenmonth
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An affiliation of Cafe-Girl Productions, Inc, The Raccy Podcast Network is an hour of entertainment from radio plays to funny interviews.  The Raccy Podcast Network includes, "The One Person Cast, Fan-Girl Hour, RuRu & Lia Commentary Hour, the Artist Thriving Network Podcast.  Available through and wherever podcasts are found!
Listen to episodes at:


The One Person Cast is a podcast dedicated to the radio drama...but a little different. Each episode will be acted out entirely by one person!
Created by West Christy

Like The One Person Cast on Facebook&
listen at:

The One Person Cast highlights
whose mission is: To discover treatments and a cure for ALS, and to serve, advocate for, and empower people affected by ALS to live their lives to the fullest.

We all have our little freak flag
fandom!  Fan-Girl Hour is that chance
to wave that flag.  Each episode one lucky person will
get to gush about their fan-fave & how they come to love it.
Episodes available at and wherever podcasts can be found!

It's the RuRu & Lia Commentary Hour!
Actresses RuRu Painter &
Lia Dugal team up to bring you the behind the scenes
gossip and memories of all the Cafe-Girl projects & 
more! With humor & wit, the RuRu & Lia Commentary Hour
Will be available soon on Youtube at
In four episodes per month, each week
we examine how artists thrive beyond circumstance.
The first three episodes will be interviews with local artists of every
variety and the last one of the month will be deep lesson of the soul meant to inspire change in our lives so we can truly thrive.
Will be available soon at and wherever podcasts can be found!
Join the Facebook Group:\
Check out the Blog, The Thriving Artist:
Watch How We Thrive on Youtube:

Catatonia Of The Fairies
Kate, a young girl with schizophrenia, which effects her understanding of reality. As her sister seeks to find ways of helping her, Katie disappears further into her own magical world.
Directed by Michael Meyer
Written by David C. Hill
Starring: Lia Rose Dugal, V. Simone Stewart,
Benjamin Linder O'Neill, Roy Von Rains, Jr, 

The theme of mental illness is prevalent within the story of Catatonia Of The Fairies, thus NAMI (National Alliance On Mental Illness) is highlighted.  For more information on NAMI, go to:  NAMI is the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.

Fair Is Foul, Foul Is Fair, formerly "Daggers In Men's Smiles", a mini-series examining the effects of power and politics through the lens of William Shakespeare's classic play, Macbeth.

Directed by Lia Rose Dugal
Written by William Shakespeare
Starring Brittany Hreha, Benjamin Linder O'Neill,
Stephanie Desiree Huebner, Elizabeth Suzanne Wilson,
James Henry Stasek, & Haley Marie Clark

Fair Is Foul, Foul Is Fair would like to highlight the work of Institute for Free Speech,, which believes that
free political speech guaranteed by the First Amendment is the most important right. It is the right that allows citizens to criticize, challenge, and ultimately improve their government.


The Tragedy Of Romeo & Juliet
A filmed version of the theatrical play held at the
Birdcage Theatre in Oroville, California.  Stars Michael Sosa as Romeo and Saralysette Stauffer as Juliet.

Directed by Caz Crozier
Written by William Shakespeare
Starring: Michael Sosa,
Saralysette Stauffer, & 
Melanie Dahl

This Romeo & Juliet 
production would like to highlight 
The Trevor Project,
Founded in 1998 by the creators of the Academy Award®-winning short film TREVOR, The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under 25.


Catherine Hansen Video Production 

Catherine Hansen was an actress, singer, writer, and most importantly, a good friend.  In 2021, she lost her long hard fought battle with cancer.  Among many facets of Cafe-Girl Productions, Inc, Catherine spear-headed the mock movie trailer genre with her Dreamcast at

As Catherine was a faithful friend and ally, this facet of Cafe-Girl Productions, Inc is forever forward named in her honor.  In this, the Catherine Hansen Video Production teams up with local artists to promote their artistic vision, product, or business.  For example, featured in this playlist is Catherine Hansen's Dreamcast starring Ella Rose Shaeffer and Ruth Wire's The Nightbirds Sing starring Brittany Bosworth. Cost is $100 day per production, including all pre-planning, production, and post-production.  Most importantly, 50% of the profits will go towards, to help fund research for the cure.  For more information, go to:

Contact if interested in creating a video for your business. 

Coming Soon!

   Ashes To Ashes

Medeba is a young woman, who is grief-stricken after the loss of her husband. Everyday, she is painfully aware of his absence, while struggling to learn how to live without him. Can love transcend the veil of death and guide the path to healing?

"Ashes to Ashes" is a dramatic short film. The film shows the struggles that Medeba goes through, in dealing with the loss of her husband. "Ashes to Ashes" is written and directed by Stephanie Desiree Huebner.  Starring Stephanie Desiree Huebner & Nicholas Madsten

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Dracula: The Making
Of A Play

Wanderlust Theatre Company
teams up with Cafe-Girl Productions, Inc
to showcase the making of a theatrical productions from auditions to the closing night wrap party.  The filmmakers will show how that the world of creating live theatre is hard work and not always glamourous, but through the artist's dedication, the show goes on! 

Play directed by Nathan Green
Documentary directed by Lia Rose Dugal

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A group of friends go hiking to get their minds off a tragedy from their past.

Written & Directed by
West Christy
Starring Lauren Taylor,
Madelyn Frye, & Rain Haywood

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Make Me Smile: The Trilogy

1) Make Me Smile: Psychology 101
2.) Make Me Smile: Re-Create
3.) Make Me Smile: Cessation Of A Habit

Produced by Bison Motion Pictures and Cafe-Girl Productions, Inc
Directed by Ray Nomoto Robison. 
Written by Brian Bierwiler
Starring: Roy Von Rains, Jr & Shannon Carter

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Promote Your Business Or Project!
Starting at 25.00 per hour, we'll write a blog in 'The Thriving Artist' (our blog) promoting your business and/or project, including links, photos, and any other promotional material you might have.
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Audition & Video Headshot Service!
Have an audition coming up? Need new headshots?
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Private Acting Tutor Session!
$25 per hour!

We study through "Audition" by Michael Shurtleff as well as use other texts, such as in-depth study of scripts and self-help emotional development books, that help develop our personal souls, heal our wounds, so that our creative selves may develop deeper.  Currently available via Zoom! 
Contact to apply!

Actor Thriving Workshop
Coming Soon--An advancement after the
private acting lessons, a group workshop with other artists of all variety, working together to enhance our craft as well as develop our soul evolution and heal our wounds! 
Coming soon!  Contact for more information!
Cafe-Girl is selling online! 
Check out our items at: &
Sales help fund Cafe-Girl projects, such as paying cast & crew, transportation & equipment expenses, and more! 
A portion of the proceeds support Planned Parenthood &
NAMI!  We sell live on our instagram (@cafegirl11) every Sunday from 5 pm-6pm showcasing all items for sale!
Be like Noah Fitterer!  We are always interested in local models.
Contact if interested in a photo session!  You get ten photo of your choosing to be displayed, as well as an album on our Facebook & Instagram page!
If you feel so inclined, you can donate through our 
paypal link:
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