“Acting For Everyone”

“Acting For Everyone” is a course offered for any and all who have ever had a desire to learn more about the craft of acting.  Whether you be a seasoned thespian, a new-by community theatre performer, or an avid audience member, this course is for you. Each week will include two, two hour length, classes diving deep into a different acting teacher, from Stanislavsky to Shurtleff, utilizing different lessons and activities to help understand the teaching methodology.  

“Life Model 101”

In this course, 10 year professional art model, Lia-Liz Dugal, will help those wanting to become life models by helping them work through the barriers of society’s body negative restrictions, include ways of caring for the body and soul to enhance longevity and flexibility within a pose, breakdown how to pose for different lengths, & dive deep into the lives of real life art models throughout art history.

**All Genders Welcome.  **No Nudity In Class

Thank You For Visiting! Hope To Work With You!

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